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Thursday, 17 January 2008


I'll do my best to answer them, however, the quantitative data is spotty at best here in the U.S., as most large companies do not capture corporate entrepreneurship, per se.

I'm currently working with some companies (SMB to enterprise), both here in the U.S. and internationally, on quantifying corporate entrepreneurship in the workplace. The challenges for doing so include:

* CE behaviors may exist informally throughout the workplace, but without a more formal metrics / tracking process it's difficult to quantify the innovation ROI of these behaviors or ROII - return on innovation investment.

* CE is not a formal XO role in the organization such as a Chief Entrepreneur Officer (CEO...well, I'll be :). The key driver, in this instance, would be the results, i.e. innovation. , and it's this correlation that's of most interest (at least to me), in order to make the process repeatable, even if the results vary by individual.

* Corporations typically find it easier to develop relationships with early start-up ventures in the hope of "acquiring innovation" instead of developing the "homegrown" variety. The risks of depending purely on this as a CE strategy include a "brain drain" following an acquisition by a corporate parent, particularly if the entrepreneurial environment isn't a part of the culture fabric of the company. This should certainly become part of a corporate strategy to jumpstart a CE program and leverage the entrepreneurial behaviors inherent in start-up ventures. (Talks to your #2)

You might check out the below to see what this org has available

I'll be more than happy to keep you updated with my research in this area and pass along contacts who might also be conducting similar research.

I have a few questions that no one I have spoken to have been able to answer, hopefully you can:
1. Is there an industry "profile" of companies that are more likely to engage in CE? ex: companies with $$$ revenues annually, etc...
2. What do companies spend annually on CE vs. M&A?
3. How many businesses engage in CE annually? How much is spent on CE?

If you can’t answer these questions, do you know where I can find the answers because I've exhausted my knowledge base.

Thank you!

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